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The stream is being broadcast simultaneously to Twitch, Youtube, Beam, and Hitbox. So if one doesn’t work, try another.

!anime ~ Enjoy Anime? Hwell so do I, here’s a list of shows I’ve enjoyed since 2008
!buffer ~ Is Twitch buffering? Lower your Video Quality Settings on the Youtube Stream
!delay ~ Like Interaction? Join Beam for about 5 seconds of delay opposed to Twitch’s 20 seconds
!game ~ Have a game you’d like Jakub to stream? Then Recommend it here
!info ~ Still Have Questions? Read the lovely FAQ and have those Questions answered
!list ~ Here’s a beautifully organized list of Jakub’s Game Collection

 Stream Time: I tend to stream randomly at times be it morning or night, but often times can be found Live around 6:00 pm Central (CST). So either check Twitter for stream notifications or click HERE to convert your Time Zone with mine.