Slovak Mountain Man joins Patreon – SMM Eps. 50

Howdy do ladies and turds, in today’s episode the Slovak Mountain Man joins Patreon! So here is everything you need to know about supporting me directly through this awesome site. As well as a few fun facts about myself but I’m excited to see what opportunities the future may hold. So Thank You for not only over 5,000 followers but for the continuous support since 2010. Visit the Patreon Page below if you want more information or still have any questions.

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MultiCam | Death Stranding: Limited Edition PS4 Pro Unboxing

Youtube has a really cool Multiple Camera feature that doesn’t seem to be talked about at all. It only works through Streams so twas abit tricky to setup with multiple OBSs open on one computer, but I figured it out. I didn’t know it existed until recently, but took advantage of using different angles to create an interesting interactive unboxing of the Death Stranding PS4 Pro

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Death Stranding: Walking Simulator or Masterpiece?

HIdeo Kojima’s Death Stranding has finally released after years of secrecy…. and people are all over the place. Yet Phil is still a blind Metal Gear Solid fan regardless and bought the Limited Edition PlayStation Pro. We unbox that badboy and give a few first impression thoughts on the prettiest walking simulator to release in recent years.

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