SQUIBA-SKELL TAKES FLIGHT (Xenoblade X) Stream Highlight

After 72 hours of Xenoblade Chronicles X, I have finally received Flight Mode for my Skells. IT’S SO AWESOME!!! Twas brutal to finish Chapter 9 and collect the materials but worth it. Now I shall explore all of Mira MUAHARHARHAHRARHAR.

Watch The UnEdited Part Here: http://bit.ly/1Z0QbTp

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UnBoxing: PlayStation Gold Headphones with Phil & Jakub72

Phil interrupted my Xenoblade X Stream to unbox his PlayStation Gold Headphones while telling his tale of WildStallion’s failed GTA V Heist… the stream also decided to have a heart attack right after I plugged them into the PC

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Xenoblade X – Fundoshi CENSORSHIP Confirmed

As many may know, Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U has been censored upon being released outside of Japan. Not only did Nintendo remove a certain breast scale feature during character customization but it seems they also “changed” the Fundoshi (Traditional Japanese undergarments).

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Captain Burke Black RAID HYPE (Xenoblade X) Stream Highlight

I’m never prepared for these stream raids….. this time the fellow ship and crew of Captain Burke Black, the meanest pirate around all of Twitch, set sail to over take my stream. I’m innocent I swear, it wasn’t me who has the booty…. IT WASN’T ME!!!!

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SQUIBA-SKELL IS BORN (Xenoblade X) Stream Highlight

One of the most exciting aspects to Xenoblade Chronicles X is that you can own and operate your very own Skell, a motorcycle transforming robot of a fighting machine….. and I just gone mine. HYPE!!! It only took about 30+ Hours to obtain…. but what better way to finally have one then name it after our lady of the hour, Squibbles.