How I Stole A GameBoy Color (Q & A) – SMM Eps. 47

Hello and welcome back to another video ladies and gentleturds, this is the long awaited follow up video to my “How I Stole A GameBoy Color” lovely tale. Tis created to answer a number of questions people seem to have after watching my original video.

Every Video Mentioned Can Be Viewed HERE:

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Crash Bandicoot HD REMASTER IS REAL (N. Sane Trilogy) – SMM Eps. 46

After years of asking and an extremely short tease during Sony’s E3 of 2016, we are finally presented with an actual trailer for the Crash Bandicoot HD ReMasters titled the N. Sane Trilogy…. this may be my most anticipated announcement in recent years and I’M SO EXCITED.

Making A Nemesis Costume (Resident Evil) – SMM Eps. 45

Howdy do Ghouls and Goblins to this spooky episode of the Slovak Mountain Man, on this video I shall be sharing the creepy process of making costumes for Squibbles. Tis October so Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 is our choice this time. Hopefully everyone learns something and has a terrifying Halloween MUAHRAHRHARHAR.

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Why I Love The Metroid Franchise (30th Anniversary HYPE) – SMM Eps. 43

Metroid is one of Nintendo’s greatest franchises and it’s a series very near to my black heart so as a celebration to the 30th Anniversary, I not only played through a number of Metroid games on stream, but also made this video explaining what makes Samus Aran the universe’s best bounty hunter.

PlayStation VR: Best Buy DEMO is AWESOME – SMM Eps. 42

Virtual Reality is taking over and Sony steps in with the PlayStation VR to kickstart this amazing technology in something revolutionary. As of this video, Best Buy is holding Demo events up to the headset’s release of October 13th for people to get a hands on experience with VR and I’m glad they did, because this is most likely the start of something beautiful.

Find A PlayStation VR Demo Best Buy at