Slovak Mountain Man joins Patreon – SMM Eps. 50

Howdy do ladies and turds, in today’s episode the Slovak Mountain Man joins Patreon! So here is everything you need to know about supporting me directly through this awesome site. As well as a few fun facts about myself but I’m excited to see what opportunities the future may hold. So Thank You for not only over 5,000 followers but for the continuous support since 2010. Visit the Patreon Page below if you want more information or still have any questions.

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Difficulty Modifier Code | Unlock HardMode in Metroid Prime Trilogy (WII)

UPDATE: After unlocking the code in game, be sure to turn it off in Ocarina after you save as I’ve noticed these glitches happening as a result like this:

Do you want to play the HyperMode Difficulty without having to replay each Metroid Prime game to unlock it? Do you have a softmodded Wii? Well if so then you’re in luck, cause by using this here cheat code….. and following my tutorial above, you too can enjoy HYPERMODE in the Metroid Prime Trilogy (WII) right from the start.This method only works with Metroid Prime Trilogy (WII)

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TWO METROIDS ANNOUNCED!!! | Metroid Prime 4 & Samus Returns (Switch/3DS)

I’ve wanted a Metroid from Nintendo for years but didn’t think they would actually announce a new one…. not any Metroid but Prime 4 on Switch…. shortly after, an AM2R style Metroid 2 ReMake is coming over to the 3DS

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Crash Bandicoot (PS1) Review – Slovak Mountain Man Eps. 49

Howdy do ladies and turds, come on by as we take a yonder at one of my favorite series growing up… Crash Bandicoot. Tis excited to finally make a proper Review for all three of the PS1 classics in excitement for the N.Sane ReMaster Trilogy.

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How I Stole A GameBoy Color (Q & A) – SMM Eps. 47

Hello and welcome back to another video ladies and gentleturds, this is the long awaited follow up video to my “How I Stole A GameBoy Color” lovely tale. Tis created to answer a number of questions people seem to have after watching my original video.

Every Video Mentioned Can Be Viewed HERE:

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Crash Bandicoot HD REMASTER IS REAL (N. Sane Trilogy) – SMM Eps. 46

After years of asking and an extremely short tease during Sony’s E3 of 2016, we are finally presented with an actual trailer for the Crash Bandicoot HD ReMasters titled the N. Sane Trilogy…. this may be my most anticipated announcement in recent years and I’M SO EXCITED.