Spyro Reignited Trilogy (E3 Gameplay) is AWESOME

So E3 2018 has passed and I’m abit disappointed that Spyro didn’t receive an announcement during either Sony or Microsoft’s Conferences. Let alone a new trailer for Spyro 2. We did however finally get Gameplay for the Reignited Trilogy as people tried out the Demo….. and it’s GORGEOUS.

E3 2018 Playlist with Jakub: https://bit.ly/2LDkbA2


My Room Tour | 10 Years in the Making

After 10 years of being in this home and 11 years on Youtube, I’ve decided to celebrate with a Room Tour video. Everything from my beginnings with video making and streaming started here. And it took me over a month and half to edit over 160GBs of footage. But overall, I hope everyone enjoys it cause tis finally finished.

PlayStation Games that NEED a ReMake (Part 1) – SMM Eps. 51

Here is my PSX Wishlist of PlayStation Games that I believe need a ReMake. They’ve been all long overdue and a number of us fans would appreciate either a Sequel, Port, ReMaster, or ReMake so more people can enjoy these games like I did in the toddler days. I didn’t have enough time to edit the second half of this episode so it shall be a 2 Part video (coming soon of course).