Final Boss, Worse, & Best Ending | Silent Hill 4 (PS2)

Here is the Final Boss battle of Silent Hill 4 as I attempt to finish it, alongside the Worse Ending (21 Sacraments) of the game and then afterwards the Best Ending (Escape). I couldn’t manage to get the good ending myself and watched a video on it instead. With that said….. I would recommend saving your Revolver Bullets up until this point otherwise it will take awhile. To get separate Endings though, it depends on how well you treated Eileen, what happens to her in the last fight, and how haunted your Apartment is.

*Play Time: 9 Hours 42 Minutes (10/13/17 – 11/17/17)


Eileen Elevator Glitch in 2nd Building World | Silent Hill 4 (PS2)

If you died at the 2nd Building World after spending hours on finding the Stuffed Cat, Cue Ball, Volleyball, and Cake Candles puzzle like me…… or just don’t want to do that turd once more. Then worry not as here is the Eileen Elevator glitch easily explained so you can skip that entire portion of the game.


Passing Fat Ghost without Silver Bullet | Silent Hill 4 (PS2)

UPDATE: Afer finishing the game, I would recommend saving these Revolver Bullets for the final boss and using the Pistol bullets on the Fat Ghost

This part is a piece of turd if you have used the Silver Bullets on previous Ghosts or don’t have anymore….. so here’s a way to get past the Fat Ghost (Andrew) on the 2nd Water Prison. It requires Richard’s Revolver and 15 Bullets, the pistol probably works too but takes longer.