Rhythm Heaven MegaMix (Musical Review) | Behind The Goods

Howdy everyone, this here is the Behind The Goods (Behind The Scenes) footage of my Rhythm Heaven MegaMix (Musical Review) video, tis abit extra work making these but hopefully everyone enjoys the derpiness that goes into making a video.

More Rhythm Heaven: http://bit.ly/2eWI2KS


Rhythm Heaven: Megamix (3DS) – Slovak Mountain Man

Rhythm games are my favorite and Rhythm Heaven Megamix is no different, it was recently released outside Japan during Nintendo’s E3. So instead of sleeping, I decided to do a secret YouTube stream playing through some of these levels. Also, it’s pretty awesome that this game brings back a number of favorite challenges from the previous installments as well, little tear.

PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/29dfPOH