100% Final Boss & Ending | Beyond Good & Evil HD (PS3)

We did it ladies and turds, finally completing Beyond Good & Evil. Not only that but I also unexpectedly collected all 88 Pearls, 56 Animal Pictures, and 12 Mdisk’s (the 13th Disk is obtained through the internet). So I think that marks a 100% Completion which is awesome. I missed out as a toddler by not having this game but it still holds up extremely well over a decade later (aside from the battle camera controls, those were bootleg)

*Play Time: 17 hours 17 minutes (04/23/18 – 05/09/18) with 100% Competition

Playlist: https://bit.ly/2JltgMM

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy (ReMaster) Trailer with Jakub

It’s finally happening….. SPYRO IS BACK!!!!! The footage shown is absolutely gorgeous but I believe that is all from the first game. Here’s hoping that we get something from Spyro 2 soon (tis my favorite)…. really need to see Moneybags and his bootleg ways.

UPDATE: You can play the Trailer in the N. Sane Trilogy but I’m still hoping it’s an actual Demo instead:  https://twitter.com/CrashBandicoot/status/981910583153836033