How to Catch 99 Frogs, Quina’s Gastro Fork, and Secret Boss Battle


In this guide, I share tips on the 99 Frog Catching Side Quest of Final Fantasy IX. It’s pretty tedious as the frogs take 10 years to respawn and even more frustrating when trying to complete it on Disk 4. However once successful, Quina unlocks the secret boss fight against her mentor Quale. Which when defeated, will give you her Ultimate Weapon, the Gastro Fork. As a bonus, encountering a Gigan Toad in Qu Marsh and having Quina eat the creature, will give her the insanely powered Frog Drop ability.

Hades Boss, Tin Armor, and Secret Hammer Cutscene | Final Fantasy IX (SWITCH)


There’s a brutally difficult Hades Boss in Final Fantasy IX, but defeating him will unlock a Synthesis Shop… which can turn the Hammer Item from the Stellazio Coin Side Quest into Steiners Tinfoil Armor. Keeping the Hammer until the end will instead reveal a secret cutscene, whereas beating Ozma before Hades unlocks a small Easter Egg.

How I Defeated Ozma | Final Fantasy IX (SWITCH)


There’s a SuperBoss hidden in Final Fantasy which requires a few Side Quests to complete before being able to meet him. You need to get yourself a Chocobo and collect every Chocograph Treasure Chest with the Hot and Cold Minigame. Once finished, you should have Stenier and Garnet’s Ultimate Weapons, whereas I’d recommend finding Zidane’s as well at one of the Chocobo Dive Spots. At this point, Ozma can be accessed but it will be much harder to defeat until completing the Friendly Monsters Side Quest. Which if you’re playing any of the ports, can use the Analog Thumb Flicking technique to reduce a chance of encountering regular enemies… or equipping the 9999 Damage Assist to make them go by faster. Then equipping the correct Armor/Abilities, and using Shadow Based Attacks is pretty much all that’s left.

Mu – Village of Dali (Fields)
Ghost – Treno (Fields)
Ladybug – Black Mage Village (Forest)
Yeti – Burmecia (Fields)
Nymph – Iifa Tree (Fields)
Jabberwok – Oeilvert (Forest)
Feather Circle – Esto Gaza (Forest)
Garuda – Gizamaluke’s Grotto (Forest)
Yan – Vile Island (Forest)

This site helped me with completing Side Quests:…