Homemade Perler Metroid (DIY)


One of the Twitch viewers (NinjaFalco) felt inspired enough by my Metroid streams to create and send his homemade Perler Metroid my way, tis HUGE and also glows in the dark. IT’S AWESOME. Take a yonder at the beginning of our Okami HD | Part 34 stream to it in action as I present the Metroid for the first time

Why I Love The Metroid Franchise (30th Anniversary HYPE) – SMM Eps. 43

Metroid is one of Nintendo’s greatest franchises and it’s a series very near to my black heart so as a celebration to the 30th Anniversary, I not only played through a number of Metroid games on stream, but also made this video explaining what makes Samus Aran the universe’s best bounty hunter.

Samus’s Helmet (DIY) | Metroid

Complete Zero Suit & Helmet: Tis is the complete “Zero Suit Squibbles” look that I finished just in time to playthrough Metroid Zero Mission and continue celebrating 30 years of this awesome franchise.

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Thoughts On Metroid: Other M (UnEdited)

Metroid; Other M receives alot of hate among the gaming community and I understand why fans alike would think this way. This game is by far nowhere near perfect, nor is it what I pictured Samus Aran’s personality to be… but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a number of elements that make it a pretty swell experience. So here are my thoughts on Metroid: Other M that I decided to write down while playing through the game, for $10 it wasnt THAT bad…. I’d still recommend Metroid fans to at least give it a try…. after finishing the other games first.

[Recorded On June 12, 2014]