Why We Love The Final Fantasy Games – SMM Eps. 39

Welcome all fans of Square Enix and RPG’s, after 10 years FF XV is coming out this September so the HYPE is real. In preparation, my brother and I talk about what makes Final Fantasy one of our favorite franchises of all time as well as the memories that connect us to each game.

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REACTION: Final Fantasy XV (PS4) Trailers

Square Enix just flinged out a Final Fantasy XV Presentation with new information on the game as well as a Release Date, so being the FF Fans we are…. My brother and I decided to take a look at some of the trailers leading up this long year wait as Final Fantasy XV is so close we can smell it.

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Final Fantasy XV (PS4) PLATINUM DEMO with Phil & Jakub72

Wow. just wow. Square Enix presented some new Final Fantasy XV information during their event yesterday and it blew me away so the hype is indeed real with this game. Being released on September 30, 2016, Final Fantasy XV will also receive a 5 Episode Anime alongside a full feature length movie for FREE, not only that but this here Platinum Demo is playable for all to enjoy and I must say…. I can not wait to fully immerse myself within another great addition to the Final Fantasy franchise, this game is going to be AMAZING!!!

Click Here For More Final Fantasy XV: http://bit.ly/1Ven8aS