Double Dragon II: The Revenge (NES) Ending

Double Dragon II was abit uglier compared the he original and not as difficult as the first either but it was indeed a swell experience, this badboy took me less then 2 hours to finish whereas the first took around 30….

*Play Time: 2 Hours (03/19/16 – 03/27/16)

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Infinite Lives Glitch | Double Dragon II: The Revenge (NES)

I was playing Double Dragon II (NES) The Revenge and performed what looks like an Infinite Lives Glitch without evening knowing it…. I think that may be the only reason I beat this game ALOT faster than the original. I’ll take it as a victory though.

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Double Dragon (NES) Ending

I FINALLY DID IT!!!! Double Dragon is a TURD but after around 25 – 30 Hours….. I was able to master the game and take down Machine Gun Willie…. Bimmie wasn’t even that hard… my NES flashed a few times and even the stream was pretty smooth and I was soooo close to getting a No Death Run, that would have been insane.

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Double Dragon (NES) BEATEN! Live Stream

Double Dragon….. is brutal, I think it may be the hardest game I’ve ever played let alone on the NES. This badboy took a total of about 5 separate days to master and complete compared to Ninja Gaiden’s 3 days…. but I did it. The final run took only 25 minutes in total but getting to that point took dedication and bloodshed. I would highly recommend this game for those looking to break their thumbs as it is on a whole nother level.

*Play Time: 27+ Hours 00 Minutes (03/01/16 – 03/17/16)

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