My Journey to the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds Symphony | Animation Story

Come along in today’s lovely animated story as we experience the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Symphony with the Chicago Orchestra. Be it newcomers like me or returning fans, twas a swell time all around. But it wouldn’t be Downtown without buses running late, getting lost in the city, and random bamboozlers stopping you for donations…. all found in this here video.

Fun Facts: Originally I expected the video to be finished within the first week of October. But animating took longer than expected…. and thus here we are 3 weeks later. All the live-action segments were already done way before, but I don’t think people would have wanted to stare at an empty voice without the doodles. Tis not sure what I’m talking about right now, it’s 3.54am on 10/20/19 right now (the plan is to upload this later in the day). Since nobody reads these, I’m thinking of Reviewing the Luigi’s Manion Trilogy next (to hype up the third game) followed by a few Pokemon games (in time for Sword & Shield). I wouldn’t mind focusing more on “bigger” videos like this that take abit more time to create compared to weekly uploads…. but I need to be certain I can survive making cash first before spending so much time on a video nobody even watches. It’s bootleg

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