I Spent HALF A YEAR Reviewing Smash Ultimate

You read that correctly, from the December 7 2018 release day to the upload date here… it took me over 9 Months to create this in-depth Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review.

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Fun Facts: The “Premiere” was meant to be done a few days ago, but something went wrong with the video which needed to have it edited once more. But after that short delay…. everything rendered out smoothly just now, all the effects, audio, and footage was where it is meant to be and I’m satisfied how it turned out. It did indeed take almost 10 months now actually (from the December 7, 2018 release to today) to get everything done. There were so many bootleg things like my computer freezing, turning off, the audio not working, animation program randomly shutting down, the Blue Screen derping, having to re-record the audio only to Re-Dub it again, plus just trying to get it rendered this week (alongside so much more butt stuff), that I’m genuinely happy, surprised, and relieved that it’s finally done. I wouldn’t be surprised if the work added up to over at least 1,000 hours but it would mean alot for anyone to take the time in watching the final Review. And if not the entire hour half long thing, then at least the first 3 minutes for the cheesy animated intro. With that said, Thank You for the patience everyone and I hope you enjoy my Review of Super Smash Ultimate

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