When it Snows…. in Spring

Twas getting my tan on when it started snowing…


Fun Facts: If you’re wondering what this derpy video is doing here on the Gaming Channel, hwell….

for a number of years, I’ve been posting cheesy “Action Videos” on my original Channel (Jakub Tilecky). But I wanted to also focus on Gaming videos as the Slovak Mountain Man but this was back before Youtube let you change usernames. So instead, I created this new channel as a result. Since then, my videos/audience here has grown and I wasn’t sure if to keep uploading to the old channel. I asked oddballs to vote in a poll here and everyone seemed fine with my videos making their way onto here. I was quite spooked as to what some may think with my randomness, or if short sketches like this wouldn’t be enjoyed (tis no different than the ones I make in my Reviews). But yea, since Youtube enjoys frequent uploads now and doesn’t share my videos with subscribers after a hiatus. I might start throwing these in here inbetween the Reviews/Tales/etc. as it takes awhile for me to edit some of the longer videos…

*My Original Action Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JakubTilecky

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