Animal Crossing: City Folk (WII) with Jakub72

I haven’t played Animal Crossing but finishing Sonic 06 after one month of streaming it, twas time to relax abit before I head into editing some videos. Tis quite relaxing but I still think this series does better on a handheld device rather than console. Also the first 30 minutes may slack abit as my computer was having some trouble working well but old haggly voice must have fixed it.


100% Final Boss & Ending | Sonic The Hedgehog (PS3)

Playing Sonic 06 on stream has been in the works since we did our Annual Mario Kart 8 Halloween SpookFest and announced that we were going to play this. It took us one month to get through but the game isn’t as bad as people make it out to be and actually made me interested in playing through the other Sonic games.

*Playtime: 25 Hours 29 Minutes (01/31/18 – 02/25/18)