The Last of Us: Part II (Sony Paris Event 2017) with Jakub

Sony just did their Paris Games Week live event and ended the show with a Gamplay Trailer of The Last Of Us: Part II. I am quite excited for the sequel to one of my favorite games on the PS3 but am abit skeptical as to where it seems to be going….. hopefully it turns out awesome but Thank You Patreons for the support and Happy Halloween everyone.

Mario Kart 8: Halloween SpookFest 2017 (ft. Layerpay, Weenie, Kellsloth)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE, this is our second annual Mario Kart 8: Halloween SpookFest as we race through a tournament in this awesome Wii U game. 1st Place winners get their game of choice played on the stream so the steaks are high. We also try Voice Chatting with the fellow Patreons (Layerpay, Weenie, Kellsloth) and enjoy a hoot of a time