Cooking with Cheffy T: Eps. 1 – The Pappy T Baguette Special

Pap is proud to share his ingredients and secrets to the world as we’ve been working hard to bring his vision onto your plates. Each monthly episode is as cheesy as his lasagna rolls. So put your aprons on and get those spatulas ready as Cheffy T is here to serve….. YOU!!! This is the only free episode of Cooking with Cheffy T as the future ones will be exclusive to only $5 a month through my Patreon Page.


N.Gin Scene (Crash Bandicoot 2 Review) | Behind The Scenes

Howdy do ladies and turds, this is the Behind The Scenes footage of what shall be N.Gin’s Boss Scene during my Crash Bandicoot 2 (PS1) Review as a Slovak Mountain Man episode. The Behind The Scenes videos from now on will also be part of the $1 or more tiers on my Patreon Page. It takes extra work to record and film these so I think people who appreciate the cheesiness behind my videos will enjoy them most. The Playlist to the other B.T.S. can be found here: To see how you can be part of my Patreon Page and access other goodies (such as Behind The Scenes, Movie Nights, Paps Cooking show, and more), then visit:

Rob Lightning Video (2010)| StoryBoard/Script

Howdy do ladies and turds, by the time this is uploaded then Jakub has already announced the Patreon Page. But if you have no idea what I am talking about then visit This however, is for one of the $5 Cheffy T Reward Tiers to give fellow Patrons the scanned original StoryBoard and Scripts to my videos. Today’s though is for the Rob Lightning Thunder Response video from August 2010 that was not only my first Public Youtube upload mostly but the reason I began making entertainment online.
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Final Boss: Emperor Ing & Dark Samus | Metroid Prime 2 (GC) HyperMode

EMPEROR ING CAN SUCK A TURD. I’m not sure if it was because I played on the HyperMode Difficulty or just because Metroid Prime 2’s boss designs were just that bad….. but each boss battle was tedious, long, and boring. Emperor Ing though takes the cake as probably the worse boss I have ever fought, basically the Sephiroth of the Metroid series….. the 3 forms took me by surprise and after about 6 hours of frustration, I was able to kill him…… my wrist hurt and a timer started as we then fought Dark Samus once more. After dying on her, I was about to end the game for good until Metroid Prime 2 showed some mercy and let us continue by skipping Emperor Ing and going right to Dark Samus…. SWEET GLOB THANK YOU……. Dark Samus was easy though but I hated basically every boss in this game.

*Play Time: 18 Hours 26 Minutes (09/01/2017 – 09/13/2017) with 74% Complete