Crash Bandicoot (PS1) Review – Slovak Mountain Man Eps. 49

Howdy do ladies and turds, come on by as we take a yonder at one of my favorite series growing up… Crash Bandicoot. Tis excited to finally make a proper Review for all three of the PS1 classics in excitement for the N.Sane ReMaster Trilogy.

Fun Facts: Tis was quite a video to edit and actually took some time to do…. especially the week after finishing our original Crash 100% Stream (May 3rd), I was having writers block and didn’t know how to start the script. But it seems that I work better on physical paper rather than behind a computer typing away so once the train started moving there was no stopping it. The Review here was alot of fun to create and one I’ve wanted to do for the Crash Trilogy now for a number of years. The second and third games are among some my favorite games ever played so lets hope those videos are even better than this one. My room is a mess though (like it is with every video) so I shall be cleaning this just in time for E3. It was also extremely hot in here making it that much for difficult to record… But here’s hoping we get an announcement for a Collectors Edition of the N.Sane Trilogy…. cause that is the only thing holding me back from pre-ordering the game itself.


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