I made a wearable Aku Aku Mask

I made a mask of Aku Aku and posted it to Reddit, many fans seemed to enjoy it as well so click on the Continue Reading button to see more pictures.

Here’s the back as the feathers are taped on for mobility, a rubber mesh to ensure the forehead doesn’t peel away, and fabric to camouflage the eye holes

Twas done out of thin plywood (maybe 3cm) that I found and used for the body, eyes, bags, nose, and teeth. Then a thicker piece (maybe half an inch) for the eyebrows and lips.

I don’t have any tools aside from a Dremel so that was used to create the entire mask. There are also two holes underneath the eyes and covered by some painted fabric so tis abit hidden but still ensures anyone to see through it.

The back is still being worked on as I try to figure out how to add strings or a Tiki lanyard so it doesn’t fall off my face.

I also didn’t have a proper “work area” so this pillar and concrete brick did the job….. but it turned out awesome and I’m highly considering Uka Uka as well. Using a Dremel was quite time-consuming as that was my only tool (buying a blade that actually cuts wood helped alot too…. I didn’t even know that was possible with a Dremel)


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