The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – Link’s Blue Tunic Design (DIY)

Here’s what Link’s Tunic from The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks like next to my homemade Tingle outift, both videos on how I made these costumes can be found on my website at

Click on “Continue Reading” to see the entire process.

Use this reference sheet when creating the Tunic to ensure the design is made as seen above. For more information on how I used this design to make the actual Tunic, then take a yonder at my video HERE. The images below are all cropped to be printed directly on A4 Printer Paper, so it is been cropped to actual size…. meaning your shirt should line up perfectly with the design.

Here’s the sleeve, tis similar front and back as well as on both right and left sides. So you basically need two of these designs and two mirrored.

Here is the collar design, I made it abit more angular in shape to match my shirt.

Here is the Master Sword itself, the edges couldn’t fit onto the page itself but you can easily wing it.

Tip: I’d recommend using at least three layers of white fabric paint throughout this design

Here is the bottom left design of the Tunic, Link also has these “flaps” cut out on each side so I cut about 7 inches away to replicate that

This is the front design of the Tunic found at the bottom crotch area, move it accordingly to fit your shirt. Tip: I’d recommend printing both of the “side” designs above first (original and mirrored), then laying them down onto the shirt itself before cutting out any excess flaps. I purposely left extra room here for that reason.

Here is the back design for the top part of Link’s Tunic by his neck

Here’s the bottom back design to be attached with the upper left and right pieces. I purposely made the length abit longer so adjust the size accordingly depending on your shirt used.

TIP: Use the image above and my video ( as a reference to help turn this design into an actual Tunic at Youtube/Slovak Mountain Man



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