How I Stole A GameBoy Color (Q & A) – SMM Eps. 47

Hello and welcome back to another video ladies and gentleturds, this is the long awaited follow up video to my “How I Stole A GameBoy Color” lovely tale. Tis created to answer a number of questions people seem to have after watching my original video.

Every Video Mentioned Can Be Viewed HERE:

Read this for some Fun Facts about me:

Fun Facts: Don’t mind the Sqwaking heard through the beginning of this video… that is my parrot Kelly having a heart attack…. Also, this video was meant to be uploaded about a week after the Turtle Cleaning one (When we were around 3,333 followers) but a number of stuffs came around (Valentine’s Day, Zelda, etc) so tis been chilling around for about 1 month. In case anyone is wondering, the rubberband that I had on my camera at 10:05 is used to prevent gravity from making the lens randomly zoom in. At 12:00, that few second long scene took a number of hours to create…. and so after finishing it, twas already 5am and in conclusion, there’s an editing error with the “Step 2” part repeating. The “stop motion” shots were by far the most time consuming, tis been over a year since making the GameBoy video yet I still remember the difficulties of having to manually move the subject, press the shutter button, wait ten seconds for the photo to be saved, and repeat. What I also failed to mention was how I painstakingly rotoscoped almost every frame in Photoshop to keep the lighting/background looking similar, twas brutal. With that said though, Thank You for the all the comments and may we see one another in future upcoming videos.


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