Making Of: Link’s Tunic (Zelda: Breath Of The Wild) | Behind The Scenes

Here is how I made Link’s Blue Tunic from The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Tis the RAW Behind The Scenes footage so no fancy editing, just pure DIY Creating. The Main video shall be uploaded to give a quick and detailed description of the process but hopefully people enjoy the work that went behind these costumes for the stream.

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“Secrets” Locations/Passwords | (Linked/Moosh) Oracle of Seasons/Ages (GBC)

Hello there, this video is intended to help those with the Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of Ages LINKED game and Moosh flute. Tis for future Zelda players to figure out how the “Secret” system in the Oracle games actually work. It took finishing both games to finally realize how awesome these actually are but tis recommended to complete each Secret once they become available to take full advantage of each item. (Don’t mind the game audio syncing issues)

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