“Secrets” Locations/Passwords | (Linked/Moosh) Oracle of Seasons/Ages (GBC)

Hello there, this video is intended to help those with the Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of Ages LINKED game and Moosh flute. Tis for future Zelda players to figure out how the “Secret” system in the Oracle games actually work. It took finishing both games to finally realize how awesome these actually are but tis recommended to complete each Secret once they become available to take full advantage of each item. (Don’t mind the game audio syncing issues)

Keep in mind though that your “Secret” Passwords will be different depending on which game you have finished first as well as your overall progress through the game so they are unique quite unique to the player.

I have finished Oracle of Seasons first, received my End Game Password, and then began Oracle Of Ages using that Password to continue the story. This video is for the Oracle of Ages LINKED game so find another video if you’ve played in the opposite order as each character found is in another location. Tis also important to note that the maps layout is different depending on which of the three animal flutes you keep, so if you have Moosh has your animal then your map should be similar to mine.

With that said, I couldn’t find a video explaining the “Secrets” system or Password locations and so decided to make it myself. I’ve formatted each Secret as seen below to better help those watching the video here and have even included my own passwords.

I have my “Secrets” in Oracle of Ages already found/written down at this point and am reloading my save file in Oracle of Seasons.

5:26Clock Shop Secret

Holodrum Village: Use Shovel behind “Clock Shop”

My Password: 6♦S)•
Given Password: ♦n→SL

9:32Smith Secret

TIP: You need to have a Shield already in your inventory

Subrosia: Speak to the Subrosian in “Subrosian Smithy”

My Password: 6♦S(■
Given Password: ♦n→WH

11:27Pirate Secret

TIP: Must have exactly 777 Ore Chuncks Collected

Subrosia: Skeleton Pirate at the “House of Pirates”

My Password: →W%@+
Given Password: F9♦Q2

12:16Deku Secret

TIP: Change Season to Fall and go to the Clock Shop in Holodrum
Village, then grind on the fallen leaves until your Seed Satchel is at Full Capacity

Eastern Natzu “Hidden Cave”: Talk to the Singing Deku Scrub

My Password: →W%↑!
Given Password: F9♦♦@

14:50Ruul Secret

Holodrum Village: Talk to Mayor Ruul

My Password: →W%↓d
Given Password: F9♦N(

16:16Graveyard Secret

TIP: Change Season to Spring so the vines can grow and memorize the color of either the Red or Blue ghosts

Graveyard: Use a Shovel to dig behind one of the tombstones

My Password: →W%←b
Given Password: F9♦#=

19:34Biggoron Secret

TIP: I’m not sure if this affects the outcome of this Secret but the Biggoron is normally sick with a cold, so you might have to finish the “Trading Sequence” first before being able to do this.

Mt. Cucco: – Talk to the Biggoron at the top of the mountain

My Password: 6♦S2!
Given Password: ♦n→TM

21:45Subrosian Secret

TIP: Skip to 24:15 to see his location on the map

Subrosian Volcano: – Find the Hidden Cave and talk to the Golden Subrosian

My Password: 6♦S5-
Given Password: ♦n→!♦

24:20Diver Secret

TIP: Stock up on Rupees and Hearts, prepare to be in this minigame for awhile but the Charge Seeds helped alittle above water. Also, crashing into the fish sometimes teleports Link through them. Be patient though cause this Secret is a turd.

Sunken City: – Talk to the Master Diver, his house is near the entrance of the City

My Password: →W%8▲
No Password Given, Talk To the Vasu Jeweler Snake’s instead and get your unique code: 28:16

26:30Temple Secret

Subrosia “Temple Of Seasons”: – Walk through the hallway, then the waterfall to find a secret room and talk to the Great Fairy.

My Password: 6♦S3d
No Password Given, Talk To the Vasu Jeweler Snake’s instead and get your unique code: 28:16


Now with these new items, I went back to my Oracle Of Seasons save game and walked over to Farore in the Maku Tree. If done correctly, you should now have them successfully transferred.

Oracle Of Seasons Playthrough: http://bit.ly/2mtlYey
Oracle of Ages Playthrough: http://bit.ly/2m21c8u


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