Rhythm Heaven MegaMix (Musical Review) – SMM Eps. 44

Howdy once again, ever thought just how awesome Rhythm Heaven MegaMix actually is? If so then brace yourself, as I show you my cheesy Musical Review of this 3DS title. Click on the Closed Captions (CC) for on screen lyrics. Enjoy.


Hello there, welcome ladies and gentlemen
I have something right here, located within my hand
It’s a game that was just released, you see
But the down side is, you can only buy it… digitally

Out for almost a year, only available in the country of Japan
Nintendo’s E3 of 2016, brought it here to an unknown land

Rhythm Heaven MegaMix, there’s an empty spot… on my shelf for you
At least the game’s localized, hopefully Mother 3 is too

Would I recommend it? Yes
Paying full price for it? Yes
It really is that good, I promise

Now with all of that said
These songs are stuck in my head
There’s about a hundred of them
From the previous games in the series
The DS, Wii, and Gameboy Advance versions
They’re real addicting

Redrawn for the system
They look really awesome
Change up the controls too
Using touch screen or buttons
It makes the game abit harder
It’s quite a challenge

The replay value is extremely high
You’ll be back for more before you start to cry
Tis great for New comers of Rhythm style
Or fans that have been here for a while
It’s guaranteed to give you a smile

You’d be insane, to try and Perfect every song here
I can tell you, that’s gonna take you more than a year
There’s so much, content in this title alone
Still not convinced? Well then try, the Eshop Demo

There is more to this game then you’d think but the, beginning is abit slow
Starts with very cheesy back story about, Tibby and his cool afro

Lost Far, From Home

He must help out all the characters regain, the area’s magic flow
Only then will you receive new songs to play, keep collecting as you go

But wait, there’s more
Once you’ve, unlocked the store

About half a million items you can find, if you have enough of cash
Gate Keepers trying to bamboozle me here, trying to steal my secret stash

They even, have a goat

Gather enough turnips in your small garden, to unlock a mini game
Fling them just enough to get into his belly, things will never be the same

And if you level up, there is a chance for Turnip Fever

Did you know that goats can lay golden eggs, tis a pretty magical thing to see

After what feels like a thousand years
And a number of these tunes cleared
You’ll think everything has been done through
But there are still the Remix’s to do
Combining every song into one

These are the ultimate trial after every single tower
Put those Rhythm skills to test, you’ve got the power

And if you can’t handle, the pain
Hop aboard the Challenge Train
Going Solo or with friends
Share a life until it ends

Up to 4 people Download Play
You can improve your skills that way
Or just be a giant turd to everyone
I don’t think you’ll get that far, but that is up to you

And with all of that said, It is almost time to disappear
From the controls, to the gameplay, and the music that you hear
Rhythm Heaven MegaMix is one that I would recommend
Support the series, grab a copy, think of all the fun you’ll spend
With the monkeys, and the sumos, and the cats and cheesy rhymes

Hope you enjoyed and see you next time


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