Metroid Prime: Hunter (DS) True Ending

We finally made it to Gorea, the last boss of Metroid Prime: Hunters for the DS. This is the true ending that is unlocked once pressing a set of pins, it’s amillion times then the bad ending….. I’m glad one of the Twitch viewers told me about this.

*Play Time: 12 Hours 11 Minutes (06/27/16 – 07/26/16) [80% Complete]



Rhythm Heaven: Megamix (3DS) – Slovak Mountain Man

Rhythm games are my favorite and Rhythm Heaven Megamix is no different, it was recently released outside Japan during Nintendo’s E3. So instead of sleeping, I decided to do a secret YouTube stream playing through some of these levels. Also, it’s pretty awesome that this game brings back a number of favorite challenges from the previous installments as well, little tear.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE: Special Edition – SMM Eps. 40

Tis a beautiful day for Atlus fans as we get yet another RPG from the masters themselves, this time it’s a Wii U Exclusive crossover game between the Shin Megaim Tensei Universe and Fire Emblem Series. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE caught me off guard but it is slowly becoming one of my favorite games on the system so what better way to begin our journey… then by opening the Special Edition Collector’s Box with Stickers, DLC Codes, An Art Book, and More…