Samus’s Helmet (DIY) | Metroid

Complete Zero Suit & Helmet: Tis is the complete “Zero Suit Squibbles” look that I finished just in time to playthrough Metroid Zero Mission and continue celebrating 30 years of this awesome franchise.

Click on “Continue Reading” to see the full process.

Zero Suit Only (The hair’s all natural): This is Squibbles (Twas my first crocheted creation, took about a month) and he is the mascot during my Twitch Live Streams. Often times he is found with a costume on to represent the game being played so I cut off a Blue Shirts sleeve and painted Samus’s Zero Suit on as best I can for his body… tis beautiful

Helmet from bottom: I found a 3D Papakura model of Samus Helmet and used that as a template to work off of, this meant printing out each piece and then hand cutting them onto the Poster Paper (Since those don’t fit into the Printer)

Helmet from left: I started the process after finishing Metroid Fusion on stream (04/25/16) and it took about one month, just a day before starting Zero Mission to complete. Not a bad job for my first “Life Size” Papkura model hmmm?

Helmet from back: Tis a beautiful view from the rear… har

Helmet from right: My fingers are huge so I used Gloss on the inside and out as glue to hold each piece together, this was then coated with some “Gesso” and “Styrofoam Surface Paint” to harden that badboy even more. Then after everything dried, I painted the helmet, sharpied out the details, and glossed it once more.

Helmet from Front: Those two “Breathing pipes” are made from cutting and gluing together those orange medicine bottles, I accidentally stabbed into my finger shaping these things with a razor…. worth it. Also I would have liked to make the green visor some kind of see through plastic but there were difficulties

Helmet from up: The top is abit uneven and looks like Samus nearly escaped an attack from Mother Brain herself….. see what I did there?

Celebrating 30th Metroid Anniversary on stream: I made this to promote my Live Stream and honor 30 years of Metroid


Metroid: Fusion:

Metroid: Zero Mission:

Project AM2R (Metroid 2 ReMake):

Metroid Prime: Hunters:

Metroid: Federation Force:

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