Why We Love The Final Fantasy Games – SMM Eps. 39

Welcome all fans of Square Enix and RPG’s, after 10 years FF XV is coming out this September so the HYPE is real. In preparation, my brother and I talk about what makes Final Fantasy one of our favorite franchises of all time as well as the memories that connect us to each game.

Fun Facts: I’m weird, so when my brother overhyped how awesome Final Fantasy was to me (Before I was a fan) it had the opposite effect and so I didn’t want anything to do with the series. That was until I listened to Sephiroth’s One Winged Angel and I slowly became invested in this amazing franchise. Twas quite a journey and even though I’m still just a baby among fans, I’ve come to realize that the memories experienced with each game will forever stay with me. Everything about these games is amazing from the artwork, stories, to music and the people behind them are geniuses. This video was originally a 1 hour long talk edited down but if people are interested, I can upload an audio only Podcast style version of our entire conversation which include other games/memories that I cut out. Also…. just out of nowhere and without any idea, the last 2 or 3 videos I’ve uploaded (Including this one) have been posted on the 11th day of each month…. that was by complete chance too, pretty insane.

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