Stardew Valley (PC) – Slovak Mountain Man

What would happen if you combine Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and The Legend Of Zelda? Well, StarDew Valley poops its way out as an addicting yet relaxing game after 4 years in the making by one fellow and ambitious fan. This game is good stuff as I’ve played it for a few hours so far and may soon fear it becoming as addicting as Xenoblade X….. not only that but a future update shall add multiplayer to this already swell experience.




Fun Facts: Should I keep playing Stardew Valley? My internet has returned after a brutal month so expect my normal type of content to appear on here very soon. I have been uploading more videos to the Gameplay Channel daily which include Playthroughs, Highlights, Endings, and stuff like that. But yea, Part 1 is probably the only episode that will be edited opposed to the rest of the stream.


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