Thoughts On: Zelda U Delayed/ NX Launching 2017? – Slovak Mountain Man

Nintendo just announced that The Legend Of Zelda will be released simultaneously for the Wii U and NX in 2017, not only that but E3 2016 will focus completely on that game instead of their upcoming platform… the NX.

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Metroid Fusion (GBA) Ending

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Metroid, I decided to play the Gameboy Advance Gem Metroid Fusion as the first out of four games in the series leading up to August 2016. This was an awesome experience even though Samus basically became a tank against that final boss but the Prime Trilogy is still my favorite.

*Play Time: 14 Hours 35 Minutes (04/21/16 – 04/25/16) [5:53 with 50% Items Collected]