Goffballz RAID HYPE (Twilight Princess HD) Stream Highlight

OH NOOOOO, we have been raided once again by another lovely Twitch viewer. Twas really fun as Goffballz and his Vape Nation invaded my Twilight Princess HD Stream, even though they wanted me to take my tunic off and show off these manly Link pecks.

Join The Vape Nation At: http://www.twitch.tv/goffballz

PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/1R8AOVt

Fun Facts: Goffballz Vape Nation reminds of the Tunnel Snakes in Fallout, except instead of bikers… they’re vapers. VAPE NATION RULES. I wasn’t expecting to get raided once again by another Twitch channel and never know how to react to one of these but its always a swell time. We even talked about Kingdom Hearts, so I may or may not play that badboy sooner then expected harharhar. Also, now that the internet is finally working… I may be able to focus on making videos rather than fixing the stream.


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