Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Wolf Link Amiibo Bundle – SMM Eps. 38

Step in to the land of Hyrule, and explore the dark shadows of the Twilight Realm with Link’s latest adventure. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Bundle comes with a Wolf Link Amiibo and its pretty then ever. Probably the most mature Zelda title and one I barley remember after finishing it 6+ years ago, this version is more then just a pretty upgrade so let’s unbox this badboy and begin our legendary journey.

Fun Facts: This here is an unboxing but it slowly began turning into a review as I was creating the video, twas alot of fun. Hopefully everybody is enjoying their time with Twilight Princess HD!!! I’ve been trying my best to hold off from playing off anymore of this classic off stream as my internet is being a butt…. its torture… but from what I’ve played so far, the memories are all coming back. Also, I created Squibbles and my costumes in preparation with our Hero Mode + Ganondorf Amiibo playthrough. Leave it in the comments below how many Zelda references you spotted in this video as well as if it was enjoyable to watch.


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