Big Boss (MGS V x Smash Bros.) Miiverse Doodle

Kept You Waiting, Huh?….. it’s been awhile since my last Miiverse/ Art Academy Doodle and with the final Super Smash Bros. DLC characters announced I though it would be awesome to add Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain to the roster.

Fun Facts: The only Metal Gear game I have completed was the best one of them all….. the PS1 version. I’ve been in the Metal Gear mode so it would be pretty awesome to continue playing Phantom Pain….. but my brother is a PS4 hog so yeah… Other then that, I think it would be swell to have Big Boss return in Smash Bros as Snake did in Brawl. Also, I pulled a prank on my brother (Huge MGS Fan) and told him that Big Boss is confirmed in Smash only to disappoint him with my fan made announcement MUAHARHARHARH…. that’s what he gets for taking the PS4 for himself. These doodles combined took about 11 Hours and 30 Minutes to complete….. what the butt.


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