Howdy do ladies and gentleman to another lovely tale, this one is a favorite childhood memory of mine as I ruined someones childhood by creating mine after stealing a GameBoy Color.

Have any Questions? Watch the Q & A Here:

Fun Facts: This video took longer then I originally thought it would and caused about a 3 week hiatus on my Gaming Channel but there are plenty of older videos uploaded including playthroughs for all so watch those badboys if I disappear for awhile. Not only that but my computer has Blue Screened Of Death more times on me during this time then I can count and thus slowing down the editing process, I did however use this time wisely and recorded extra footage to have everything done sooner. Hopefully it was as enjoyable to watch as it was time consumingly brutal to create but this is one of my favorite toddler memories so it had to turn out swell. Back when this occurred I hardly even knew what a GameBoy Color was let alone how to play Pokemon Crystal on that badboy (I once found a Pokemon Blue cartridge on my playground and gave it to my teacher thinking nothing of it). Fun Fact: I haven’t actually played through Pokemon Crystal and probably only spent less then 5 hours (Maybe the batteries ran out….) on it but it is still my favorite of the series because of this memory we shared. Hmmm maybe one day I shall stream Pokemon Crystal on Twitch in memory of the rightful owner Chris, he never had a chance….. after this moment I kind of became a badboy and started smuggling games from “friends” as my family was too poor to purchase new ones and I was sometimes lucky to receive one game either on Christmas or New Year. Good times, stealing is bad though ladies and germs so don’t do it….. unless its to steal a ladies heart then that’s fine but anything else is a no go. With that being said, this stop motion stuff was really fun to do and even though my lighting somehow changed sometimes, it still turned out pretty awesome. Also, I went to the store with my camera gear in backpack and literally just bought that ski mask for this video seconds before recording the outside burglar footage. There were toodlers coming home from school as I was doing this and they all stared me down, funny stuff. Oh… one more thing, I created those end credit Pokemon cards myself so hopefully they were legible, tell me in the comments below what you think the text on them says as well as any Gaming memories of your own. Thank You for watching and See you next time.


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