My Gaming Disappointments Of 2015 – SMM Eps. 36

Another year of gaming down means just another year of failed promises, so even though 2015 was a lovely time…. there were definitely moments throughout that made the fans beg for mercy. So here are just a few of my gaming disappointments of 2015 such as Konami’s turdliness and overpriced DLC…. if you have opinions of your own then leave it in the comments below.

Fun Facts: I can’t believe how much awesomeness happened in 2015, twas a swell year but it could have done better. Region locked consoles are still around so that quite sucks for the fans looking forward to unlocalized games. Not only that but the NX is just around the corner so let’s see how Nintendo unveils that badboy at E3 2016 (I’m both hyped and spooked). Finally, let’s hope that Konami learns from its mistakes and fills us with better decisions instead (I Doubt it…) but if they won’t then hopefully Hideo Kojima’s new studio shall shine light to the long gone but not forgotten franchises. Also, if you enjoy these “rant” videos then tell me below and I can try creating more but with that being said, Thank You everyone for the 200 subscribers!!! Let’s all have a lovely 2016…… this video was recorded entirely in 60 frames so I hope you like the shininess.



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