My Favorite Games Of 2015 – SMM Eps. 35

From the spine rattling horrors of P.T. to Ink satisfying fun of Splatoon and insanely massive exploration RPG in Xenoblade X…. 2015 was quite a year for gaming from start to finish, so what better way to welcome in the new year then with some of my favorite games that I have had the pleasure of experiencing in these past 365 days

Fun Fact: Looking back at 2015, I can clearly see how much insanity has happened with P.T. to start it off and a new console to play on. It has been a fun year and one to remember not only with new game announcments and Hype Trains but also for the channel. We have reached 200 subscribers on YouTube and 600 Followers on Twitch, something I never thought would ever happen to me so I Thank every single one of you oddballs for enjoying my videos. Make sure to leave a comment down below telling me about your 2015 Gaming Favorites as well as anticipations for the coming 2016. Not only that but tell me what videos you prefer to watch on this channel and the reason for subscribing to my beautiful face. Thank You once again and see you in 2016!!!


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