REACTION: Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct (Dec. 2015)

Nintendo Direct comes around once again and it is an awesome time for everybody, especially fans that have been waiting for new announcements and goodies. So join Jakub, P-Phiddly Diddly, and the lovely viewers of Twitch as we take a yonder to the hype that is Nintendo’s “FINAL” Super Smash Bros. Direct. You don’t want to miss it.

Full Nintendo Direct (Nov. 2015):



Fun Facts: I’m not sure if this is the final Smash Bros Direct ever or just for the 3DS/Wii U version of this game. Either way, I was still expecting Sephiroth to appear when they mentioned “An Angel Is Flying By”. Twas a swell way to end the year and I’m glad that this Smash Bros title is one of the largest to date in the series let alone in the fighting genre. The Midgar stage is going to be insanely amazing and I can not wait to try out Cloud as well as Bayonetta, those moves man. Phil still wants Big Boss or Snake in Smash Bros but maybe next time…… maybe next time….


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