Highlighting My 2015 | Slovak Mountain Man

Quite a year it has been yes indeed, 2015 brought in new games and a next level of HYPNESS. Twas an excellent time to be a Gamer with the amount of mind blowing news and releases. So let’s look back at my year and welcome in 2016 for even more insanity. How many of these moments do you remember?

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My Favorite Games Of 2015 – SMM Eps. 35

From the spine rattling horrors of P.T. to Ink satisfying fun of Splatoon and insanely massive exploration RPG in Xenoblade X…. 2015 was quite a year for gaming from start to finish, so what better way to welcome in the new year then with some of my favorite games that I have had the pleasure of experiencing in these past 365 days

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Legend Of Zelda: TriForce Heroes (3DS) Den Of Trials DLC With Maple, Weenie, & Jakub

Legend Of Zelda: TriForce Heroes received some free DLC known as the Den Of Trials which includes 40 brutal survival levels. The goal is to get as far as you can without losing all of your hearts, there aren’t any checkpoints and each Zone is a butt ton harder then the previous one….. but with the help of Maple and Weenie, we can do it…. hopefully.

PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/1XYqizy NEXT PART: http://bit.ly/1mLibcw