Bowser & Vegeta Fusion (Super Mario Maker) Miiverse Doodle

Bowser has created an insanely awesome yet brutal level in Super Mario Maker and it was so much fun playing through that I decided to create a Miiverse Doodle celebrating my victory…. I was also watching Dragon Ball Z so Bowser fused together with Vegeta.


Fun Fact: The Bowser Level in Super Mario Maker is an Official one from Nintendo and can be found by searching through the “Makers” Tab or by using this code “C383-0000-000D-F639”. This is also the first time I decided to stream my Miiverse doodle action with the webcam so if this was enjoyable then I can make more in the future. Also, I’ve been watching alot of Dragon Ball Z lately thanks to a fan made video featuring Cell…. which is why you see the episodes being played in the corner. Either then that, this crazy doodle turned out awesome and only took about 15+ hours……. only…..


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