Corpse Party: Blood Drive (EverAfter Edition) Unboxing – SMM Eps. 33

It’s a new CORPSE PARTY!!!! Just like the other’s, I have been waiting for this badboy to be localized ever since completing the Book Of Shadows. The EverAfter Edition comes with a number of goodies so come watch Dracula unbox it…

Fun Fact: This is the third game in the franchise to continue Corpse Party’s story and this time it is for the PS Vita in 3D. The first two were on the PSP and are AMAZING, the 1st game is still my favorite so far. Corpse Party 1 was played through after searching up PSP Horror games and being recommended this by amillion different people. The 2nd game (Book Of Shadows) is a visual novel… much different than the first game but I have completed both 100%.This is also the first time that a Corpse Party game receives an official U.S physical release so what better way to support XSEED then with getting this special edition. The EverAfter Edition comes with an awesome 112 page ArtBook, 2 Disc Soundtrack, Reversible Cover, and Awesome Shiny Box. I’m also streaming Corpse Party: Blood Drive on Twitch so feel free to take a yonder at my playthrough of that.

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