Ness (EarthBound) Colors! 3D Doodle

EarthBound is amazing and Colors! 3D is awesome so what happens when you combine the two?

I created this badboy in a total of 8 Hours and even though the oh so wonderful drawing program records a timelapse on its own…. there is a limit to how long one can draw for. Little Tear.

Fun Fact: After finishing EarthBound for the first time, I have since then created a number of videos on that game and so here is another doodle of Ness. What’s different about this one thought is that I used Colors! 3D, an awesome drawing program for the Nintendo 3DS with a butt ton of features such as layers, recorded timelapses, online gallery, etc. So here is my doodle of Ness using this amazing tool and a reference image but what sucks is that the timelapse only records up to 6 hours of footage whereas my doodle took me a total of 8 hours to complete… So the background and final touches to this picture are gone…. In total I probably worked on it for about a month or so right before going bed or on the toilet harhar Also what’s awesome is I made my doodle viewable in 3D, so if you have this app and search for “Jakub72″… you should be able to see Ness fly out from the background. It’s AWESOME.

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