Star Wars: Battlefront (PS4) – Slovak Mountain Man

Star Wars is AWESOME and the new Battlefront game continues to amaze so join the Slovak Mountain Man (Han Solo), Phil (Luke Skywalker), and Darth Squibbles with one of the year’s most anticipated title with a free 3 Day Beta.

Playlist: Next Part:


Fun Fact: I have yet to see all of the Star Wars films but that will change right before the new one comes out in theaters, it’s going to be AWESOME. Battlefront has been around for a million years and I remember playing the original at a friend’s house on the PC, my favorite was the Droideka. In this Beta though there were two modes and the only one you really need was Hoth, the amazing winter stage. Either then that I am hyped for the full version for the various battle modes and levels.


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