EarthBound Miiverse Doodle

I just beat EarthBound, one of the greatest SNES games as well as the most unique and strange RPG’s to ever experience.

Twas an amazing journey that I dedicated to Satoru Iwata after his passing so here is a doodle in memory of finishing this masterpiece….. it only took about 22 Hours…..

Fun Facts: This badboy took literally the entire day to finish, twas intense but worth it I swear. It was even fun streaming my entire doodle from start to finish and I even fell asleep during it right after finishing Paula….so in other words, I had to redraw the entire thing over again because Miiverse doesn’t save your progress and will erase th srawing if you Cancel, Hit B (Back), touch the Home Button, or Shut the Wii U off. My Wii U is set to shut down after an hour of not being used…. so yea… but if you want to watch my entire playthrough from start to finish of this amazing journey then take a yonder at my EarthBound playlist. I even created another Miiverse drawing dedicated to Satoru Iwata as well as a Tribute video for him.

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