Satoru Iwata “Thank You” Tribute

My small tribute to Satoru Iwata, I think it turned out swell and there was even some wine involved harhar here’s to one my childhoods biggest hero.

Thank you for the legacy you have left behind not only to gamers but the entire industry as a whole. Here’s to you Satoru Iwata.

Fun Facts: I put together this Satoru Iwata tribute video right after beating EarthBound which was also played in memory of him. It didn’t include all of his work/ appearances but just some of the ones I remembered most. There was even a bottle of wine involved and I accidentally drank through the entire thing then played Mario Maker afterwards, twas worth it. I raise mt glass to one of the biggest heroes in my life as Iwata has brought me a number of childhood memories with the beloved games he’s worked on.Either way, I’m both scared and excited to see how Nintendo’s future will now shape up to with Genyo Takeda as the current president.

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