Happy Birthday Mario, PlayStation, DreamCast, and GameCube – SMM Eps. 31

What a lovely day for all gamers around as Nintendo’s Mario tuns 30 years of age along side with the PlayStation being 2, DreamCast celebrating it’s sweet 16, and GameCube hitting puberty at 13.

Fun Facts: There are so many memories that have been created on each of these consoles that it would probably take a million years just to name some of my favorites so I did my best to fly through a few of the ones that changed gaming for me ever since the start. Wither way, I would like to congratulate Mario for continuing his legacy after an incradible 30 years, it’s pretty insane that he is quite well known as much as he is now a days but lets hope he’s around for another three decades. The PlayStation being my favorite console ever… brings alittle tear that it’s basically around the same age as my lovely self, the platformers to RPG’s and Horror games… the list goes on with this badboy (I still have my original one as well). Then there is the GameCube, I remember picking it p at Best Buy many moons ago when it was new (I barley knew anything about games back then beside the SNES/PS1) and it was bundle with Wind Waker…. oh man, twas quite a journey with that one. The video would have been fifty times longer if I knew that the GameCube was turning 13 due to my love of the console from Pikmin to Metroid and StarFox Adventures, etc. Then the DreamCast comes on by with Shenmue and Jet Grind Radio along side Chu Chu Rocket, Space Channel 5, House Of The Dead. It is amazing how you grow up with these machines and they can stay with you forever kind of. But hopefully you enjoyed this video and leave below in the comments any memories of your own ladies and gentleworms.

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