Super Mario Maker/ TriForce Heroes: Best Buy Event – SMM Eps. 30

After an amazing E3 2015, Nintendo decided to let fans demo out both Super Mario Maker for the Wii U as well as The Legend Of Zelda: TriForce Heroes on 3DS.

Twas a lovely and fun time despite me uploading this video about 2 months late…. oh well, at least the game is coming out next week woooo.

Fun Facts: This video was indeed recorded right after E3 of 2015 which means its been chilling there awaiting to be edited for about 2 months so what perfect time then now to do it…. the game is coming out next week so everything is all swell. Originally, I was going to save my cash for Xenoblade X and leave poor Mario Maker behind but I think I am hyped once again after making this video. Nothing more to say except we received a 30th anniversary Mario Pin for attending the event. Hyrule Heroes is definitely a fun game to play amongst some pals, can’t wait. Leave any comments below if you are getting Super Mario Maker or not. Also, do you like my new website? I unveiled it to the world today, hopefully it makes watching videos/ streams easier.


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