SLIPKNOT: Summer’s Last Stand Tour (Chicago 2015)

Slipknot came along with Motionless In White, Bullet For My Valentine, and Lamb Of God to Chicago with their Summer’s Last Stand Tour and it was amazing. I made my own mask to take along but I almost missed the show….

Fun Facts: The mask was originally for my Splatoon Weapon that I was making and I came up with a last minute idea to turn it into something Slipknot inspired. The tickets were bought in May and even then there were only a few left but the place was full, despite my entire row being basically empty. It was so awesome and I was certain to have missed the show if the Super Hero Mustached Friendly Car Tire Stranger hadn’t appeared to save the day. There were quite a number of people taking photos with me but about 95% of them were ladies wink wink. It was raining as well and my mask kept sliding down this lovely face of mine so I used gum to stick it in place but that didn’t really do much besides get stuck in my hair. Either then that, the entire tour with Motionless In White, Bullet For MY Valentine, and Slipknot was amazing. By the end of it I was tired and got lost for about 2 hours before asking someone for their phone. I had little energy left by the time I came back from all the headbangingly screaming jump action and even fell asleep while trying to record this video. My editing program was also being a butt and I almost reformatted my pc just to finish the video over here… the struggle. Twas beautiful but I hope you enjoyed this badboy and leave any comments below about your concert experiences.

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