Ukulele Birthday (For My Younger Self)

I’m always making tunes for other people’s birthdays and so here is one I made for my Younger Self, so if there is ever a way to time travel to the past then mini Jakub shall see this from old man JSteel.

Hello There, I’m The Slovak Mountain Man
Creating Videos, As Best As I Can
So Here’s A Tune That I Made For Me
Sit Back, Relax, And You Will See

How It All Happened From The Very Start
I’ll Give This Song My Entire Heart
But That’ll Be Hard Since There’s Nothing Inside
Feelings And Emotions Have Nowhere Left To Hide

It All Began When I Gave Love A Try
And In The End, All I Did Was Cry
Sixteen Scars, Inflicted Self Harm
Located, Below My Left Arm

But It’s Alright, There’s Nothing To Fear
As You Can See, I’m Sadly Still Here
The Metal Tunes They Kept Me Alive
So Everyday, I Continue To Strive

To Give People Around, A Lovely Smile
Even If For A Little While
As Long As They’re Happy, I’ll Take The Pain
It Gives Me A Purpose From Going Insane

Your Brother Passed And Dad Just Left
I’m Waiting There On The Front Door Step
Only To See, He’s Not Turning Around
Leaving Me Without Any Sound

But You’ll Get Used To Seeing People Go
Giving Excuses So They Never Show
Be Careful Who You Trust, Some Are Bad
Causing Pain And Making Us Sad

I’m Not Sure How Long That Will Last
Even Though It’s All In The Past
Along The Way, You’ll Meet Good Friends Too
During Dark Times, They’ll Help You Pull Through

From Here On Out, Life Will Suck
So Grow A Pair And Don’t Give A F#ck

It’s Not To Late, Keep Your Head Held High
Don’t Give Up, Even When You Want To Die
Thing’s Will Get Better But I Can’t Promise This
I Know If You Left, There’s Someone That Would Miss

Your Pretty Cool Fro And Cheesy Ways
That Humor Of Yours, Continues To Amaze
So Do Your Best And Be The Jakub I Know
This Is All Just A Test As We Continue To Grow

That’s All That Will Happen In The Next Few Years
Give Life A Laugh And Enjoy Some Beers
Happy Birthday, You Caveman Looking Goof
Make The Most Out Of It, Before you Go… Poof

Fun Facts: The chords to this tune are a simple C, G, Am, And F with a Capo on the 1st Fret. I made this song for my birthday since nobody has done such a thing like this for me before and I’m always the one doing this for others. It’s kind of like a message for my Younger Toddler Self about some lovely advice about the unforgiving future. Kind of like a story so I could have gone for awhile but I think this is enough personal junk as it is. Twas really hot in my room and so my camera began sending off a “heat signal” icon which I haven’t seen it do before. I was sweating like a hog which is another reason the video took about amillion takes before finally getting the right one.


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