Life Is Strange (PS4)

Howdy do fellow oddballs to the Life Is Strange play through with the Slovak Mountain Man, this is a episodic adventure game that get’s more intense with each episode.

The story is quite complex and interesting which is just one of the reasons it’s so awesome. I shall be playing through all 5 episodes so sit back and relax as our insane journey begins, brace yourself.


Fun Facts: If I knew this game was so awesome from the start and worth making a video series about then I would have flinged out my sweater along side a pink shirt to better resemble Max. I swear I have the exact same one but I guess He-Man will do instead. As always though, hopefully you enjoyed this play through so make sure to tell me if this format style is enjoyable or would it be better if I made these videos about 3 hours long or something.

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