Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 Stream Highlights

Welcome back to the spooky and hopefully final game to the Five Night’s At Freddy’s franchise.

I’s kind of a tradition now to play these on stream and this one is no different, twas a fun experience but I think either my computer stopped working or I couldn’t take it anymore with all of these heart attacks. It was a fun experience either way.

Fun Facts: I uploaded videos to every Five Night’s At Freddy’s game beside the third one…. that one sucked…. but playing it live on Twitch made it alot better as it was quite lovely learning how to play with everyone. I don’t think I’ll finish this game as I have no idea how to even pass a level (I swear the animatronics don’t breath…). At least I got Phil and Pap to squeal muaharharahar as well as flung my Longboard across the room from the spooks. Make sure to leave any comments below for the horror games you’re looking forward too/ I should play.

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