How I Tried Impressing A Babe…

Howdy do fellow oddballs, it’s been awhile since my last Lovely Tale and so here is one that recently happened, twas quite a beauty as I used my Longboarding skillz to impress a lady….

Did I fail or was it a victorious success? You decide, I also added alittle something something to help tell this story in a more “accurate” way harhar so hopefully you enjoy this.

Fun Facts: When I was recording the “flashback” footage, I flew off my Longboard about 15 times to get those shots woooo and now have a bump on my arm and leg harhar worth it. Also, it was quite funny having the blood all over my face while watching random cars drive by and stare me down, twas beautiful. I swear that part is 100% accurate with all that craziness and even the flower at the end…… at least it’s based on a true story so that’s good enough but I wanted it to be as cheesy as possible. I believe that lady had something to talk about after my flawless performance but as long as I made one person smile (Or have a heart attack) then that’s all the better. Hmmmm as for the Earthbound outfit, it turned out awesome and the game is a really addicting RPG on the SNES so let’s hope my internet let’s me stream that badboy once again.

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